Commander Keen - Doom of Mars


Two ID Software classics collide


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Commander Keen - Doom Of Mars is a 2D action and platform game where you play as Billy Blaze, an eight year old kid who travels through space under the name Commander Keen. This time, his mission has brought him to the moon from Doom.

This game combines elements from both the Commander Keen and Doom sagas. It's a platform game packed with action where you'll have to fight against the most diverse set of enemies ever, using popular weapons like the BFG 9000 and sawed-off shotgun.

In your missions, you'll have to jump, scale staircases, pick up objects, fight against bosses, and much more. Although the graphics are similar to the ones found in the Commander Keen originals, there have been some major improvements.

Commander Keen - Doom Of Mars is a very fun action and platform game, which makes sense since it combines two of the best video games from the 90s.
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